The Art of the Auction


As we discussed ideas and found items to share on Decor Life, some pieces really displayed unique stories.


On Saturday October 19, 2002, Russ Antiques & Auctions conducted an “Auction under the Tent” in Hamburg Village, CT.  As the day unfolded, it was apparent an individual saw an opportunity to capture the event on canvas.


Douglas Smith, at the time a local artist, created his captivating snapshot on that fall afternoon. 


He details all the components of a successful auction:

  While the auctioneer is unseen, the recorder (seated on right) documents            items, winning bidders, and final prices.

  The viewing tent on the right, and table in front displaying artwork.

  Paul Russ, on the right in the orange sweater, guiding the flow of the auction.


The poster below notes the final prices for some of the marquee items. 



For more information on the artist Douglas Smith's Google 


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