Exclusively Represented Artists

Frederick Buchholz (American, 1901-1983)

Frederick Hepner Buchholz was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He studied at the Art Students League in New York City where he met his future wife and fellow painter, Elsie Miller. The couple resided in Greenwich Village. They were extremely active in art groups in the area. In his later years in Lyme, Buchholz became closely associated with the Lyme Art Association of which he and his wife were avid members. His work began to deal primarily with agriculture and the New England countryside. He painted landscapes, pastoral scenes and harvest scenes, working and exhibiting until his death in 1983. Read more about Buchholz here

Foster Caddell (American, 1921-2013)

Foster Caddell was known for his many portraits, landscapes and skilled illustrations. He was also an educator and author of instructional art books. A Rhode island native, he got a job as a lithographer after high school. He attended Rhode Island School of Design from 1940-1943. When he graduated in the midst of World War Two, Caddell enlisted in the U.S. Army and was assigned as an artist to the Army Air Corps. For the next three years he toured the Pacific while sketching and painting the things he saw throughout that theater of war. Read more about Caddell here.

ede-else (American, 1894-1984)

ede-else was born Elsie Miller in East Orange, New Jersey. She painted under the gender neutral pseudonym ede-else. Elsie studied at the Art Students League in New York City where she met her future husband and fellow painter, Frederick Buchholz. ede-else's early work includes highly stylized portraits and figures. She had a unique method of depicting human and animal figures in an outlandishly disproportionate way. Her portraiture resembles caricature art. Read more about ede-else here.

Kenneth Forman (American, 1925-2015) 

Kenneth Forman was an American artist and arts educator who worked as chairman of the Fine Arts program at the University of Connecticut. Forman was born June 5, 1925 in Landour, India while his parents were working as missionaries. Many of his paintings consist of abstracted landscapes or city scenes with nuanced perspective. Forman became inactive as an artist later in life due to blindness in the mid nineteen eighties. He died in 2015. Read more about Forman here.

Oscar Lubow (American, 1923-2017)

Oscar Lubow spent a life in business, crafting a long career as a New York City advertising executive. While living and working in the city, Lubow was exposed to the contemporary art scene fostering a creative impetus of his own. Oscar created unique modernist prints based on family photographs that he digitized and manipulated. When he retired to Lyme, Connecticut with his wife, they built a landmark modernist home decorated with these prints. Read more about Lubow here.