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Vintage Home Decor's store opens in 2014

In 2014, Paul Russ and his daughter Amanda Russ Boehm open Vintage Home Decor on the Boston Post Road in Old Saybrook CT, offering a wide array of estate appraisal and consignment services.   Most all of our inventory is hand curated from local estates.    

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Decor Life Launches August 27, 2020

    The world of art, antiques, and collectibles may seem intimidating, even overwhelming. Sensory overload in a well stocked antique shop is completely normal.  If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable asking questions about a piece of art, porcelain, or colonial wood,... you are not alone. There’s a lot of history embedded in these things, and it’s easy to feel confused as you try to find decor to suit your individual style and home. This blog intends to help you understand why certain items command premium prices while others, which seem similar, are available for a fraction of the price.    ...

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